Tuesday, July 21, 2009

First Night Away

Well, our anniversary trip was a success! First off I have to say that I am so sad because I don't have any pictures! Yep, not a one! I forgot my camera! ugh... So here are a few from the web. We stayed at the Hyatt Lost Pines Resort near Bastrop. It was amazing! (and it should be for the price you pay.) It was a very special treat for us. We had a great time stuffing ourselves at the buffets and sipping cold adult beverages by the pool and in the lazy river. I wanted to read more but we happened to sit next to Talkie McTalkerson and her husband- like seriously, non-stop ALL afternoon! I pretty much know how they feel about everywhere they have ever traveled. I cant focus on reading with all that yapping. Its okay. They couldn't rain on my parade! It was just so nice to be free of responsibility and no schedule! and to spend such quality time with Travis. It felt like old times. The resort is so nice and has so much for families to do, it was teeming with babies and kids. It was fun but reminded me of Alex often. Travis and I noticed though that the families are all so cute, well groomed, well behaved children, etc....it was like out of a movie! It makes family life look oh-so-attractive. My favorite part is that they do a movie on the lawn at night. They put out blankets and give out popcorn. With the breeze off the river, huge pecan trees, stars, and little lights from the lobby... it was just too perfect.

As far as back home....Alex did great! Well, as long as Honey was telling the truth. ;) She said he was happy and didn't cry a bit. I know he had so much fun with his grandparents! He didn't sleep all night but I wasnt too surprised- just feel bad for Ruth. Thanks again Honey and Grandpa Steve! And I only had Travis call to check in twice! ;)
We all survived! and a good time was had by all! A success! I mean, maybe we should have stayed a little longer!


Solomon Clan said...

How nice to be able to get away and RELAX!! I think I will need to talk Andy in to checking that place out.

Brandy said...

sounds great! I'd love to do an overnight trip with the hubster :)

Kristen said...

So great for you guys to have some alone time and I'm glad Alex did so well. I stayed there for a girls weekend with my mom and sister a few years ago...that place is awesome!