Monday, November 9, 2009

Look Who's Talking

I wrote this several weeks ago and never published it. I am lazy and had video "tech difficulties" (which maybe I will post later). Better late than never right.

At Shelbi's wedding weekend Alex started to really talk! He had been saying "Hi!" as he waved a little before that but this was the perfect setting to really practice! He said and waved "HI!" to EVERYONE!! It is just too cute and too friendly! He will say it to people really far away and people not paying attention. He gets a little confused if people don't respond back, because most often they do with lots of grins and giggles...he couldn't love the attention more. He has been on a roll since then and has continued. The other day I caught him saying "Hi" to our Darth Vadar candy holder! He says it to characters in books, on tv, and even no one- like when we go outside in the front he says it down the street and no one is there. He says it to us when we leave the room and come back 2 seconds later. Love it. He really includes everyone and has no bias really....even the scary guy at the grocery store that I would never say hi to! I hope this friendliness and love for everyone continues through his life... he is just a joy to be around and spreads smiles where ever he goes! This is really the first word he has used in context and not just at random times.

But the most exciting thing is that he started saying his name! Well, its pretty darn close! He points to his chest and says "I Alex." There is nothing sweeter! He leaves out a letter sound sometimes but you know what he is saying and the cutest part is the x sound that he has to work real hard to make. I can't believe that my baby is so grown up! It brought tears to my eyes (yes, I am a crier!) He isn't saying this as consistent but has said it a lot. He was very excited to introduce himself in music class last week. That was exciting because there was no prompting from me and it was to other people than family. She focuses a lot on names in class so I think it is helping with the overall concept.

He has also gotten pretty good at communicating what he wants and more importantly doesn't want. He started shaking his head "no" a while back. Its actually pretty cute. Well, only because he said "no" to everything. Even things that I know he wanted or just did. He has gotten a little better and says "uh huh!" to things he wants now. Yes, I know. I have a true hick child- no, yes mam in this house! Its pretty cute when he says it though because its usually said with enthusiasm and hands up motion. Things that will always get an "uh huh!" are "Do you want to..." go outside, watch cartoons, and eat a snack.

I am so proud of you Alex!

*new addition as of this weekend- he can say strawberry! well, more like "aw bebe" but thats a great try!


Brandy said...

Yay for Alex! :)

Kristen said...

So cute...Alex you are growing up fast! I always try to get Kenzie to say hi to the neighbors so now when we get out of the car, she turns to the street and waves...usually no one is there!!

rebekah l. louis said...

way to go alex!

Mya Sage said...

Before we know it, our kids will all be talking to each other about Elmo and Sesame Street. lol

Kristen said...

great job alex! i hope i get to hear all your new words in person sometime soon!

Jenny said...

We are so proud of you Alex! I am not surprised one bit that you are spreading "joy" wherever you go with that "hi" and smile of yours, you were like that as a baby, so happy and excited! Bekah really misses you and can't wait to hear you say, "hi!" to her too!