Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Love for the Sis and Baby to Be!

We had a precious pink ballerina shower for Jo, my sister! Everything turned out sooo cute (if I say so myself) and we had such a great time! I do steal ALL my ideas from other parties or showers of friends so I really can't take credit for the ideas- Thank you all! We are really lucky too, because Jo's long time best friend just happens to be a very talented photographer :) and she took really pretty pictures of everything too!

Mom, Jo, and Me
precious baby bump
Jo loving the soft blanket!

That crazy ball of tulle is my attempt at a tutu

I took a few pictures too- not quite as fancy.
Sad I didn't get to take any pictures of the actual shower and all the lovely friends and family that really made the shower so special!

tutu cupcake stand

Dance books

tutu onesie on the front door
Now all we need is that tiny dancer!! We can't wait to meet her!


Kristen said...

It was such a great shower!! How fun that you and your sister will be having girls so close together :)

The Hendry Family said...

good shower cassie!!!

shalonda said...

i spy a tutu cake stand ; ) fab job hun!!!

Adam said...

you're getting pretty good at these showers, cass!