Monday, November 23, 2009

First Haircut

Okay, it was time...finally at 18 months, Alex needed a haircut. This is what his hair looked like when he woke up the day before! Whoa now, thats some bed head!

Seriously, it normally doesn't look that bad. And I have been really enjoying the sweet curls in the back (mainly after nap when its dirty and when he gets sweaty). I had a moment on the way to the shop that maybe we shouldn't do it! Travis said it was time and there was no going back. Ok.

We went to the cutest place- Pigtails and Crewcuts. Loved it! They have a train table, tvs, the cute car seats, and then even a playroom in the back. The lighting was horrible with the afternoon sun and lime green walls but this is life not a magazine photo shoot, right.

The Before

all ready in his taxifirst cuts...going well!

love this "not quite sure momma" face. we had to bust out the snacks to keep him happy and still. I knew we would. But really he only fussed a tiny bit and far exceeded my expectations!
such a big boy. doing good!

The After

Success! And the only one to cry a little was Mommy! Even though I like it, I have already decided that we will grow it back out. ;)


Kristen said...

I LOVE it!! He looks more grown up...too cute!

Kristen said...

lookin' good alex! i had to hold annie the last time i took her for a haircut, so good job staying in the seat!

Kristen said...

I think his haircut is so cute! Wish I could have seen him in person this weekend!

Sarah and Eric said...

I can understand why you didn't want to cut those little curls, they are precious! He looks very handsome!

Jenny said...

oh what a handsome big boy he is! teehee, and i love how you cried cassie! i love those cassie tears! what would a special moment be without them??? : )

Carla said...

Super cute! Glad his experience was a good one!

Brandy said...

so handsome! welcome to the haircut club!