Tuesday, November 3, 2009


We had a wonderful and fun filled Halloween with Alex the turtle! (Most people thought he was a frog, which I admit that the hat does look like. Oh well.) Alex hates hats and never lets me put them on him so I was shocked that he wore his all night! We just did the old "play with my phone" distraction and we didnt even have a fight!

The Turtle Wrangler- Alex just wanted to run around and we could barely catch him!
The fun started with a block party the night before. Alex had a great time running around with the big kids and watching them ride bikes. He is so interested in bikes! He just wants to touch them and figure it all out!

He is crying because he wanted to touch the ice in the grass from the cooler we dumped out. But man, what a face!

Then on Halloween we went trick or treating to just a few houses with our friend Evan "the shark" (isn't he too cute!?!). This was Alex's first real time to go and he was a pro! He loved to ring the doorbells. He can't say trick or treat but he got the hang of getting candy out of the bowl and putting it in his bucket. We even signed thank you to our kind neighbors. No, Alex wont get to eat any of the candy but he had fun. And he doesn't know what he is missing yet :)

Then we went to a fall festival at a local church. I didn't know if Alex would be able to do anything but we thought it would be a fun place to go and people watch and just be festive. :) Well, he actually had a lot of fun doing the preschool games. Games like...put the spot on the giraffe and throw the beanbag in the pigs mouth, you know, the regular stuff. His favorite was the balloon room- just a bunch of balloons all over an empty room! He didnt even want the prizes really- just enjoyed the activity.

Evan's cousins were there too- soo cute!

Then we headed over to say a quick trick or treat to Nani and Papa Wes (and Gigi was visiting too). Good thing we knew them because Alex just walked right in and went straight to the piano! I am amazed at the things he remembers!

Ready for bed!!


Kristen said...

he makes one cute turtle!

Jenny said...

what a fun weekend! it was an adorable costume cassie! i can't believe how old he looks in that last picture! i sure do miss him!

Kristen said...

What a great Halloween! I love his little turtle costume :)

Kristen said...

What a fun halloween! I had a flashback to your post last year when yall went "trick or treating" at your neighbors house in San Antonio I believe and you were holding Alex. What a big boy he is now! He is growing up so fast and I am missing it. I really do wish we lived closer. Miss you friend.

Brandy said...

looks like you had a great halloween too!