Thursday, February 11, 2010

Happy Birthday!!

Travis turned 31 last week! We celebrated with his mom, cousin Holly, and Zachary for pizza, cake, and ice cream!
We love you Dadda!! You are just too great for words! (I could go on and on.)
There IS a single candle in front of the zero that you cant see- for 31! I was excited to reuse last years candles, like a nerd, and you can bet you will see them again on my cake next year! :)
Zachary was so sweet to Alex and Alex was so intrigued with Zachary...makes for a fun night! (Somebody cut my childs hair! yikes! :) why can't I see that in person!?)

Holly is too kind and brings "Happys" for Alex when she visits...a recorder and a water paint book this time! Big hits! Thank you "Aunt" Holly!! :)


rebekah l. louis said...

love that you reused the candles- something i would totally do! oh, and my father-in-law can come cut alex's hair:)

Brandy said...

Happy Birthday!
Looks like you guys had a blast!

The Hendry Family said...

I hear ya...I can't ever see the food that is all over Brayden's face until I take a picture of him. I just think I'm used to it...sad, I know.