Thursday, February 25, 2010

Snow Snow Snow

We got snow the other day! Not the normal Texas snow thats really ice or doesnt stick...but real big snow! And it pretty much kept snowing all day! It was so fun! We spent the morning in pjs and didnt leave the house (what a great reason to slow down for a day!). And Dad came home early from work, so we got to build a snowman in the afternoon! (along with the other millions of people that were gitty with snow glee, you've never seen so many snowmen) I really enjoyed seeing the snow fall outside the windows all day. What beauty and peace. But I am really glad that we don't live up north and have that all the time, for months at a time! I could never do it!

look mom! hes making a snowman!!

alex wanted to add one more snowball on top
daddy teaching how to make snowballsand isnt it funny to throw them at mom :)
The end of this video has Alex singing "Snow, Snow, Snow" If you are a fan of White Christmas like me, you know the song. We taught Alex this at Christmas time and he has been a big fan! He sings the word whenever he hears it (or now, sees it!).


Shelby said...

I meant to comment on your snowman out front.. he was really cute! I feel so guilty we did not get out in it!

Jenny said...

Oh you better believe that us Burkharts can appreciate a White Christmas shout out! Zack and I sing that song every time we get up to Colorado and Bekah will learn it next year for sure! The two can sing "Snow" together, teehee, like Bing Crosby and Rosemary Clooney! : )

rebekah l. louis said...

alex singing is the cutest!!

Sarah and Eric said...

Wow his excitement is contagious! I love how the little things are so monumental to little ones! The way times should be! Precious!

The Hendry Family said...

how stinking precious is that?!?!?!

Kristen said...

I love the snowman...I wish we would have made one!