Thursday, February 11, 2010


We tried out gymnastics for the first time and it was so fun! Its just "open gym" so it gives Alex the freedom to do what he wants instead of being told- key for a toddler! :) Our friends have been going for a while so we were excited to finally be able to join in on the fun now that music class is over.
climbing out of the foam pit

i dont know....just fun to climb on
the balance beam
whats more fun than a wedge?
running on the long trampoline
and the best part of gymnastics is the trampoline! remember, this is Alex's first time ever on one so he is not so good, but I think its so cute that he is trying! I think he might have done better if they had allowed me to help him/show him but parents (and I am sure pregnant ladies especially) are not allowed on the equipment. Bummer- I know you wanted to see a video of me jumping! haha! (and lets see how many times this annoying mom can say "jump!" I dont know why I thought he needed me telling him)

Here is a little bonus for ya...we love to dance! and did I mention that I love my new video camera!? :)


Carla said...

Love it! He is so excited, he doesn't even know what to do! And a late happy birthday to Travis!

Brandy said...

love it!
We'll be there tomorrow and we're bringing a friend :)

Kristen said...

I love how he runs around on the trampoline! Great dancing!

Kristen said...

oh alex! those are some sweet dance moves! i love that little guitar shirt too. (and also that huge smile!)

Paige Reynolds said...

That Alex has lots of energy. I love the video of him jumping... he'll get the hang of it soon.
The quality on the videos are amazing!

Solomon Clan said...

I am so glad you had a great time! Hopefully we will see you all there again since it is Emma's favorite Friday activity.

Jenny said...

oh his dancing is hilarious! he is the happiest boy ever! so cute! maybe he can teach bekah a move or two when they hang out next week! whoo-hoo! can't wait!

The Hendry Family said...

you got a new camera...i want one...what is it? I'm your camera follower!