Friday, February 19, 2010

Let me introduce you

Let me introduce you to THE guys
Policeman Perry, Fireman Frank, Cowboy Bob, and Construction Worker Michael
Papa Wes so wonderfully named them, except Michael who came with a name on his box
Anyone else humming a little YMCA??

We would like to point out that we do not discriminate here and Michael joined the group when we got him at Christmas like he had always been a part. I swear Alex did notice that he strongly resembles the President while we were watching the state of the union though. :) The rest of the guys are Travis's old guys from the 80s. They have been through a lot, I am sure of this, but they seem to be standing the test of time like pros.

If you want to know what Alex is up to in the toy room it most likely involves these guys. And he often takes them with us when we go places now too. His favorite are probably the police man and cowboy and so they often get to ride off as buddies in the police car... fighting crime with the best of 'em.


Rob and Leah said...

Those are so funny! What is it with boy and guys?

The Hendry Family said...

tell papa wes...i like policeman perry!