Tuesday, December 14, 2010

8 Months!

Eliana is 8 months old! Can't believe it!
As much as tried to stop her, she has changed overnight from a lil baby that sits and doesn't do much to a big baby on the move (I am not giving up on the baby title till I officially have to!). All she wants to do is stand and big big like Alex! She has just started to move a little to try to cruise! She is reaching! Just stop lil girl...you are too big for your britches!

She has been practicing getting up and down a lot and so she has gotten pretty good at it. The getting down is too funny! She tries to go real slow and works at bending the knees and often end up in the splits! She still looses her balance some, but less and less. Thank goodness because it was a rough time there where I had to be by her side all day! She is a fast crawler and is into trouble before I know it! She is much more serious than Alex was but she will give you the sweetest closed lip smile. She does like to be tickled and that's the best way to get a big smile or a laugh. She has started to babble this month and there is nothing sweeter than that lil voice! Can't wait to hear more!
She has become extremely attached to me this month. Not wanting to go to anyone else. I kinda feel like she is permanently attached at my hip. As soon as I hold her the crying flips off like a switch. Lil stinker. She is quite dramatic, as I have mentioned. If she is not in the mood, all it takes is Alex to touch her and she squeals! Such a faker. I am on to you missy. ;)
she was looking so grown up in her overalls :(

As much as she wants to be held, she is really good at throwing her weight down to get down to the ground. She doesn't want to be confined or held for too long. Last night I am pretty sure she cried because she really wants to get ON the train table to play.

Still not into food but you want to eat snacks really bad! Mum mums have been pretty good at holding you over.

You are eyeing the good stuff though! Because you wont eat, you are nursing more often. And we have started some bad habits of nursing to sleep. I know its a slippery slope and we are in the process of starting to crack down and sleep train (you are waking 2 times in the night to eat! ugh.). Mommy is really bad at this. I will leave it at that. :) If you watch Desperate Housewives, I am Susan! You are finally on a pretty good schedule of napping at 10 and 2- hallelujah for timing it with Alex's naptime! It was killing me! So, we dropped the early evening nap and push you to make it to an early bedtime.

You still LOVE to be outside! It is where you are happiest and you even fuss if we go near the door and don't go out!
Only problem is that now you want down and want to eat the leaves.

I love you lil sister!! You are just more precious than words!


Solomon Clan said...

Eliana is growing SO fast! I am so thankful for all the blog posts so we can keep up to date on the kiddos. We miss see you all! I am loving those big blue eyes!!

Kristen said...

i love the pictures of her in the overalls! that girl has the most beautiful gigantic blue eyes!! i agree with solomon, so thankful we can keep up on the blogs as it gets harder and harder to see each other in person.
and good luck with the sleep training... i am trying so hard to get out of the habit of nursing meg to sleep, but it kills me to hear that fussing.

Kristen said...

She is such a happy baby!! I love her big smiles when she is standing up...so proud of herself :) Good luck with the sleep thing...it will be worth it when everyone is sleeping through the night.

rebekah l. louis said...

i love the pics of her pulling up on the window seat- so determined! i used to think she looked like travis, but now i see so much of you in eliana- such a beautiful girl!

Rob and Leah said...

Such a cutie. I love her smile and her little petite frame. Sleep issues are so tough. We just got EK sleeping through and now Evan is waking up with nightmares.

Sarah and Eric said...

What beautiful children you have! Little Eliana could be a little model! She is beautiful! You get all this sleep stuff figured out for me so I can come and ask you tons of questions!