Sunday, December 12, 2010


First, a little pre-thanksgiving fun...
One day I picked up Alex from school and to my surprise came home with an Indian! (I just realized that I always have pictures of him in this shirt and I swear we have others! Just a random coincidence!)

A red-feather!
He had a thanksgiving "show" and lunch at school. The "show" was really sad. It basically looked like this with kids running around and the teacher sang two songs. She did a great job! ;) Alex pretty much whined the whole time that he was hungry and I had to bribe him just to sit on the steps with the class. Instead of sticking around for the lunch (that Alex can't eat anyway) we headed home to eat with Honey. That was way more fun!

One day for snack we made pretzel and marshmallow turkeys. Alex loved it and I was proud of my idea since I pulled it out of my back pocket to save the day!

For Thanksgiving we headed to Grandpa Steve and Honey's house for a little turkey lurkey!

A pre-dinner warm-up at the park.

what a stud muffin, my man
carve it matt

silly oompa turkey time! Eliana actually only lasted long enough for me to make a plate and then I had to go put her down for a nap (and eat a reheated meal by myself) Oh, the joys of motherhood. :) I honestly wouldn't trade it though!
this is what Ellie and I did most of the day

These were from church on that Sunday... I loved having all the old ladies ohh and ahh over our lil cutie!
We are so very thankful for all the many blessings in our life!


Kristen said...

Had to get this post in before Christmas...HA!! I love his turkey hat and the marshmallow snack idea is great...I will be stealing that one next year! Looks like you guys had a good holiday :)

Jenny said...

Oh I can only imagine the comments you got from those little old ladies! I saw a little glimpse at Cathy's shower! And what a great idea, those marshmellow turkeys! Thanks for sharing!