Wednesday, December 22, 2010

School Christmas Program

Its best if you click to watch it on YouTube.

This is video from our buddy Evan S.'s blog but Alex is in there most of the time (in the red sweater vest with a choo choo on it). He is the one wailing for Momma the WHOLE time. Then looked around when it was over like "what?! I missed it? It's over?!" You can see he was coughing a lot too. I think this is him having an "asthma attack". He wouldn't stop coughing all night and his breathing was a little wheezy going to bed. Poor guy.
He doesnt like to talk about it, and understandably so. It broke my heart and made tears well up in my eyes the next day when he said "sorry momma, sorry I cry, no singing" ugh. bless his heart. I wasn't too surprised. Not to make excuses but the kid was exhausted- no nap and up and out passed his bedtime = melt down city. On top of that, and the main reason this went bad, Alex has never liked an audience and he was surely not prepared for the packed sanctuary- no kidding, packed with parents and family from the whole school! It was just too much for such lil ones in my opinion. I would have gone up to console him if my daughter didnt decide to cry the minute the show started and didn't let up and wouldn't go to anyone else for her life. Torn between two crying babies. All in all it did not go well. I do think its a little comical and cute. Kinda classic right?! Like the crying Santa pics? And there is always next year!

He did do a great job showing us his room before the show, eating cookies, and jumping like a wild hooligan with his friends. It was fun for him to have Papa Wes, Nani, and Honey there too! He wasn't smiling because this was post performance.

Here are some shots from his party earlier that day.
Ms. Jenifer, his teacher
admiring his christmas tree that he (and I, mainly I) decorated and then refused to eat because of the green icing. he recently found out about the joy of icing but the thought of it being green was too much.
reindeer food mommy!


Brandy said...

awww. it's sad and adorable all at once!
makes me sad we had to leave before our schools holiday program :\
Hope you guys have a wonderful holiday!

Carla said...

Aww! Bless his little heart! So hard for mommy too :( And I love Mr. Elf too- that crazy guy!

Jenny said...

your friend brandy is right, so sad, but such a sweet kiddie moment. sorry he was feeling bad though! he looked absolutely precious in his outfit, gosh that kid is cute! so glad your parents were there to see it!

Christy@pipandsqueak said...

I can't believe that they go up front at this age. Caroline is only a month or 2 younger and her class will do a performance in the spring but it is in the choir room only with the parents of that class.

Kristen said...

i think the whole sanctuary thing is a little overwhelming myself! poor cute little guy!! merry christmas to the isaacsons!

Kristen said...

OH Cassie! He looks so sad so you fell sorry for him but at the same time it is kinda cute. This will be one to remember!