Monday, December 13, 2010

He is SO 2 1/2

My sweet boy. Alex. Alexander. Well, you are 2 1/2 and wear it well. What can I say?!

You are all boy! Loving ALL sports, kicking balls, cars, trucks, jumping on the bed, jumping off of things....its so not me. But I have grown to love it for you. We are a house that can recite Cars movie and we have listened to the soundtrack in the car probably a million times. It started to keep you happy on the way to school but you now insist that it is on at all times (as you bark what song you want from the back seat).

That brings me to how you are the worlds best back seat driver. Telling me to "watch out" "turn here!" and "this way!". You LOVE to point out cool things as we are driving and I have to admit it has become such a habit I make mental note of trash trucks as I drive when I am alone even. Nothing makes me happier than making you so happy.

I have started a list of all the catch phrases you like to say, oh about a million times a day. And you wont stop saying them unless I or someone else acknowledges you. They aren't as meaningful to outsiders I am sure, but the way that you say them brings a smile to our faces. Actually Daddy and I like to laugh at the end of the day as we talk "Alex" to each other.

1. By self! By self Mommy.
2. No Mommy no. No talking. No talking to me. (You can guess, this is when I am telling him something he doesnt want to hear.)
3. Mines! Thats a mines! (What an angel, right?!)
4. I need it!! (Oh, you need that magazine I was reading. really?)
5. I want a s-a-nck. (This is said in a weird whining way and I don't know why it started but its getting twangier every day. I am pretty sure its on purpose.)
6. Sorry Mommy, 's all I have. (This is him repeating me saying "sorry, thats all I have" but he uses it to tell me "no". Sorry is one of those confusing words.)
7. Mommy! Le-me-show-ou-sum-ing! (Let me show you something)
8. Check it out!
9. What's a that?! (7, 8, and 9 all go together)
10. Whats a that for?! (This is what he says when he doesnt understand a word you are using and it sounds funny to him. The english language is so hard and a two year old will open your eyes!)
11. Ellie, no ma'am!
12. If I say I like something, he will say "Alex likes ___ too!"
13. We are working on asking for things in a nice way and you are getting better at it and saying a nice "peese" at the end. (ie. Cars movie pease dadda. Cars movie.)
14. member mommy? (remember!)
15. If I repeat one of your wonderful ideas (like eating cookies) you will say an enthusiastic "uh huh, yeah!" like if you smile and look oh so cute I will agree!
16. When something is fun or you are having a fun day you have just started saying "big time!" I think this comes from Papa Wes.
17. Look at me Mommy! Look at me! Look at me! Look at me! (and you can imagine it keeps going until I look)

You really crack me up all the time! I cant wait to get my new phone and I think I might start twitter for you like Annie. The best is when we can laugh together and it just makes us laugh harder. You think you are pretty funny too!

You are still in your crib, haha, bc I am mean and I like to keep you "caged". This weekend we will switch you to a toddler bed and over Christmas break we may try potty training. So if you see my hair coming out soon, you know why. Naps are hit or miss. But you are pretty good about reading and quietly resting for about an hour if you don't fall asleep. For some reason you never sleep on school days. It's crazy! You are dying to go to bed by 7!

Dinner is such a battle (as is dressing, diaper changing, getting in the car, get the idea). You are so hard to feed. Not only are you limited because of your allergies but you are so picky. And you are not consistant. One day you like peaches and the next day I could get you to touch them for anything. We have to "trick" you in to eating almost every night. Its a lot of work. We play "Alex wins!" which is where you race daddy to take a bite and you say "Alex wins!" every time. We play tickle game which is where you take a bite and then we will tickle you. Sounds safe huh?! We say "take a bite and I'll ask you a question" alot of times the conversation will keep you sidetracked enough to keep eating. And we often bribe you with "deals". Eat _ bites of this this and this and you can have dessert. He almost always takes "the deal" and quickly at that. One more is Honey created- the sleeping game. We tell him not to eat while we take a lil nap (close our eyes and pretend to sleep) and then he "sneaks" food. When we notice we get pretend mad that he ate our food. He will say "Go sleep Honey! Go sleep!"

fall school picture
You are liking school and for the first time, like ever, you are okay with me leaving you places. You went to the church childcare without a look back for the first time a couple of weeks ago. I think I heard angels singing. ;)

You adore Ellie and despise her at the same time. Pretty classic. One minute you want to hold her and hug her and kiss her, and then you push her over as you walk away. The other night you actually hit her on the head with Baby Jesus (from the fisher price nativity scene). You go to time out most often for not being nice to your sister. I am kinda at my wits end about it. Although I am starting to see that Ellie might be a little dramatic about minor infractions.... it is only beginning. Lord help me. But you will often ask "Where's Ellie?!" and "Ellie come too?! "

We play outside a lot and you adore your buddies on the street- Evan and Brennen. Your favorite thing is to play tackle soccer as I gasp and moan and cringe. I am thankful though that you have buddies to do this with. I have to rip you away as its getting dark outside and you cry on the way home like yall are long lost lovers.

You pretty much play cars all the time. If not that you want to run, play football, kick a ball... seriously, you have to wear a hard hat in this house! And its a miracle he hasn't broken anything. You like Madagascar, Nemo, Bug Movie (Bugs Life), and Veggie Tales. Still love to sing and dance.
luigi and guido, mom

you will play train some too
As much as this time is trying I try to live for the little moments we have. You truly are a sweet sweet boy and you love life! You are a friend to all and you are very caring. You bring joy to our lives everyday and I love you sooooooo much.


Solomon Clan said...

Wow Alex you are growing like crazy!! I love reading about what is going on since we don't get to see each other as much any more. I might have try some of those dinner time activities since Emma is such a picky eater too. I like the "Alex wins!"

Rob and Leah said...

I love that post. He's such a sweet boy and so funny! Love the hitting with Baby Jesus! Evan loves his buddy.

Sarah and Eric said...

Such a great post! I am so happy you keep it real Cassie! Makes motherhood sound exhausting, but well worth it! It is so fun to read all about the little guy! HOpe you are doing well!

Kristen said...

what an adorable little guy! LOVE that jumping picture.
and just to encourage... i felt like annie was (how can i put this?) at her most challenging at 2 and a half... so it just gets easier!

Kristen said...

also, yes please do twitter!!!

Jenny said...

Cassie, that was an awesome post, I simply loved reading about all of his phrases, he couldnt' get any cuter or smarter! Thank you for sharing that with all of us out of towners who don't get to see him nearly as much as we wish! Oh and thanks for all of those "eating tips!" YOu are doing such a great job Cassie!

Kristen said...

Love all the cute stuff he says! There are so many things that remind me of Kenzie like getting time-outs constantly for being too rough with Dawson. And Kenzie is a total back seat driver too. The Fall picture is my favorite...he is adorable!

Carla said...

Just got caught up on LOTS of Isaacson news! I've been a bad, bad blogger! Love all the updates and pictures! I love that you have recorded Alex's catch phrases, don't want to ever forget those :)

Kristen said...

bravo bravo....awesome update on the little guy! Your sense of humor makes me laugh everytime. It seems like Alex is just as funny as his mommy and daddy. I loved reading all his phrases. I was imagining him saying them. Cute! Wish we lived closer so we could get to know him and Ellie more. Thank goodness for blogs.

rebekah l. louis said...

sweet post, cassie! loved that you documented this age- such fun times :) great pic of alex and eliana in the hard hats. and his school pic is adorable. he's got some good phrases- so clever!