Monday, January 23, 2012

Christmas 2011

To post this as quick and as painless as possible, I will focus on pictures (mainly highlights bc there are so many!) and not so many words. We had the best Christmas and as always, feel so blessed. The kids make it so fun!! I love it! This year was at Travis' parents house. We went over for Christmas Eve and stayed the night and all day.

Christmas Eve
we live to torture uncle matt

After Church

I dont know those children who are smiling and sitting so pretty for a TIMER!

one present!


Goldschlager shot tradition...I keep getting out of this somehow ;)
Christmas COOKIES!
I made some pretty snowflakes, if I say so myself :)

Christmas morning...Santa came! Ellie needed some direction. It was kinda overwhelming with an audience first thing in the morning.

you gotta test drive around the kitchen
Stockings! Santa delivered as asked!

On to the other gifts!
shark ship- VERY cool toy for boys! I highly recommend it- props to Honey for finding this one

peek a boo, I see you

babies babies babies
Ellie is obsessed with the Ipad
Big Hugs for Honey- such a sweet girl

so pretty Grandpawet cold weather did not stop this boy. I will never forget how happy he was riding around the cul-de-sac singing Santa Clause Is Coming To Town

Ellie chose drier conditions in the garage

and the feast before much needed naptime!It might look like my kids were ready to eat but thats an illusion. Pretty sure they survived off pretzels and desserts the whole holiday. They just didn't want to be bothered with such silliness as eating. Go figure bc that was number one on my list!

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