Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Holiday Fun (part 2)

Warning- this is Christmas overload! and there will be a part 3 before I even get to actual Christmas! yikes!

Alex had a school performance...adorable of course! This year was so different from last- he did great and was really excited about it! He had been singing the songs (Away in a Manger, Jingle Bells, Up on the Housetop, to name a few) at home on his own for several weeks. I was so impressed! He was thrilled to see Nani, Papa Wes, Honey, Daddy, Ellie, and me all in the audience beaming back at him! I am so mad at myself for not bringing the long lens!!! Next year, remind me! Love that our friend Madison is in the front row, center, in her precious bright green and striped tights ;) Alex is in the front row, next to the kid in plaid, with a red shirt and brown pants.

then at the end they did a few more songs with all the classes and Alex is smushed there in the middle
I think he is waving to Papa in the balcony who is videoing

This is a picture of his teachers taking them out of sanctuary. Alex is mouthing to me that he wants snack...what else is new?!
Ellie LOVED the show and cheering Alex on

After the show I wanted to get some pictures of Ellie in her cute Christmas outfit. The big lollipop was a mistake. Love and admiration at first...

but I couldn't get the girl to sit still for long. And it made a MESS!
switch to smaller lolli and outside :)
Our Church puts on an amazing event called Walk Through Bethlehem.
Everyone LOVED the camel and needed a camel picture :)

Alex was really scared at first, but warmed up :)

my sweet friend was Mary at the time we went and that is one of her sweet baby boys (she has twins) Aren't they perfect for the job! :) As expected, Ellie was a fanAlex said his favorite part was the soldiers AND the camel. I have to admit it was all pretty cool!
And for some "extras" of the month....

Ellie in her winter wear, loving her boots! :) and busted pulling ornaments off the tree... and thats why we have soft ones at the bottom!
We had a fire and "hot cocoa" one night. More like warm chocolate soy milk :) I hate this picture of me looking scrubby but I want to include it bc it is me. a rare shot. and I think its funny that I am totally using the belly as a coffee table
Our Elf came back again this year- Alex named him Elfie. The kids BOTH LOVED finding him everyday and would revisit him and laugh throughout the day. Best is showing him to Daddy when he gets home from work.
pirate Elfie was huge hit- argh

and the kids just had a lot of fun together! They love playing together and this day, it was making the one seater, a two seater. And Ellie held on all by herself. She is getting so grown up! *note Alex's "summer wear"- pretty sure it was not appropriate but he was going through a huge anti-warm clothes phase. Still prefers shorts and tshirts but has not been fighting it like he did at the beginning of the season

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