Monday, January 16, 2012

We interupt this Christmas programming to bring you Belly News

I am tired of Christmas, so I thought I would do a maternity post...since I have NEVER done one. Poor Baby 3. Already getting the shaft. I love you none the less sweetheart!
This has been overall a very good pregnancy. The first trimester almost killed me but the rest of it has been very mild and at times I would forget I was helps that my life is so hectic that I don't have time to think. But growth has been good and everything has been on track. I have 2 months to go and am just now starting to have a lot more of the aches and pains, trouble getting up and down easy, heartburn, trouble sleeping because baby thinks my bedtime is the best time to practice karate.. you know, the usual. The braxton hicks contractions are strong and get me often now. Poor Ellie is getting less and less of a lap to sit on at music class but she keeps fighting back.
We don't have names picked out officially, but the list is getting short and we keep letting a few names sit and stew. It would be nice to narrow it down to either a boy or girl name but really this is the only decision we are making so I guess I can handle it. Not knowing the sex has been a little harder for mom than dad. He is the rock in that decision. I would just want to know. But I keep telling myself that its fun. its fun. its fun. :) and I know it will be. No guesses from me. Honestly, I cannot say that it "feels" like one way or the other and I have had no dreams or senses about it.
I have been wanting to eat ALL the time up until lately. I think its getting full in there ;) Mostly I have loved fruit, salads, and desserts! They weigh themselves out right?!
The kids are excited to meet you lil one! Alex especially! Although, when Papa asked him yesterday if he would help change your diaper he said "No! I would get my hands dirty!" And we have gone through a list of Cars2 name ideas such as Finn McIsaacson, Miles Axlerod Isaacson, and Lightning Isaacson. (note that girls names weren't discussed only bc of the lack of girl characters) And he has decided that you can sleep in the living room. Thats a nice gesture since Papa suggested the attic. He also has starting making sweet comments about how my "belly sure is getting bigger!" :) Ellie just likes to rub, well, sometimes its more of a drum, on the belly. And she always wants to see it with no covering so she can mess with my belly button. (oh joy, haha)

We are getting ready for you! We have been cleaning out and working hard to make space for you and all the gear. Alex and Ellie are going to bunk up and they are really excited about it. I on the other hand, have anxiety attacks...but I am sure it will all work out!
I am so looking forward to meeting this new addition to our family and can't wait to know all about him/her! It is starting to sink in that it could be soon (6 weeks or so if you count on coming early, which I always like to) and it only makes me all the more giddy!


Sarah and Eric said...

Hooray!!! I love your belly pics! Is that done on Photoshop? I admire you guys for waiting to find out, that would be so hard!! Here's to hoping the last 6 weeks are smooth and your little one comes when they are ready!

Julie said...

Yea!! I love belly pics! It is about time missy! Can't wait to meet the newest addition to your precious family! By the way, did you get a new camera? It looks smaller, what kind is it?
Miss your face!

rebekah l. louis said...

great post! you look amazing!

great holiday posts, too... love catching up on you life!

Kristen said...

How exciting Cassie!! You look great!