Monday, January 16, 2012

Holiday Fun (part 3)

One more shot at Christmas tree pics. This time with Alex too. I don't know why I torture myself.
they really do love each other
New Christmas PJ night
Reindeer ears- trying to get them to just stay still for a minute.

and ultimately the kids thought a wrestling match would be fun, almost taking out the tree, but having lots of laughs
Ellie helped me make Christmas Cookies
and it can't be all fun and games. I put those kids to work! My collection of grocery sacks was OUT OF CONTROL!!!

and lastly, we had a gingerbread house night with our friends the Loopers! Everyone had a lot of fun! Especially the candy monster, Ellie, who pretty much contributed by stuffing as much candy in her mouth as possible the whole time.

I have never made a gingerbread house and it was really easy with this graham cracker template. We used some simple candy decorations that we had most of left over from Halloween :) and canned icing.

The girls with our pregnant bellies!

and the final results...Love the Loopers and their cute lil love shack- Donna doesn't mess around when it comes to this stuff. Let's just say Lance was very sweet to let her be the team captain :)

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