Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Fall Activites

 As school begins, along with it comes fall extra-curricular activities. We are officially a scheduled family! It was crazy there for a while because we had soccer for Alex on Monday nights, Karate on Tuesday nights, and Ellie started dance on Thursday nights. I know it is only a glimmer of what is to come, as the kids grow up and get more and more involved. Karate only lasted a few weeks and we dropped it. Not too impressed with the YMCA karate program and Alex surprisingly wasn't that into it. But it was fun to try and he sure looked cute! :)
 Me- "Alex, we only do Karate at class." (as he came home "hi-ya"ing)
Alex- "and on bad guys!"

 Ellie starting dance was a last minute decision because we felt like she needed something of her own to help her feel special and she gets to spend some quality time with cousin Kalyn. She was very excited!
 It's hard to get pictures because we look through a tinted window as parents. They do very simple cute stuff like wear crowns and walk on tippy toes, wave scarves up and down, practice jumping, and stretching with a stuffed animal friend.

 The girls may love coloring before and after in the lobby just as much.

 I love seeing the cousins together because I have fond memories of taking dance with my cousin Brie as young girls.

 One night I made her come pose

 And another soccer season! This time team name Clash. Travis is coaching again and we have a team full of friends! There are only a few new people and they are really sweet. We are blessed to have a really fun team! And everyone is doing really well too!  They play really good defense and so many of the kids have been scoring!
Alex LOVES it all. He has gotten extremely good and the light bulb has officially gone off. We have had two games and he has scored about 8 goals each time. I think he has a true passion and talent and I love to see him excited about something so positive. 

 I didn't make it to the 8:30 pictures, and this is what I get. Alex is the only one not smiling. Thanks Shelby for the sweet picture even if my child is goofy :)

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