Thursday, October 11, 2012


We wanted to go to the zoo as our finalle to the summer. We LOVE the waco zoo! but it really was still too hot! Stupid Texas. Still had fun though. Good sweaty fun. Jacob was a trooper. First trip for him- awww :)

the zoo?!?  I love the zoo!

 Have you ever been so close to a lion face? amazing.
 got to hear him roar too. so cool!

 It's like she could tickle the cheetah.
 sorry jacob. I packed everything in the house but not a hat for you. sister's had to do.
 pretty sure she is picking her nose
 can you find the animal? that's what I thought. its behind the bush. love that I am never on this side of the camera and it always goes so well.

 the gator is coming for you ellie

 I am telling you. Way too hot.
worn out!! 

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