Thursday, October 25, 2012

Seven Months

 Awww my lil punkin. Seven Months! Cant believe you are so big...and you are pushing it with all this crawling business, pulling up, two teeth, eating food and drinking out of a cup...making this momma hold you even tighter. 
 love coming to get you after greet me at the foot of the bed squealing with delight

 Sorry kid, but we had to contain you this month. For your own safety and my own sanity. You don't seem to mind it too much...but you let me know when you are ready to be free! I think its a really nice addition to the living room too, dont ya?! We are high style here.
 You love the back door mat and looking out the window.

 I took a little 6 1/2 month photoshoot of you because this has to be one of the cutest and most photogenic stages.
 my assistant says, turn your head this way a bit
 you can see how well the basket pictures went
 would rather be free and moving!
 oh boy, I have a feeling we have a little charmer on our hands

 and he is off

 you love to play toys in the playroom and can be quite content there even by yourself


this is what my house looks like a lot of the time, just for the record. its a three ring circus.

drinking cups with brother, Alex thought that was cool

how I see you most of the time, up close and cute as a bug


rebekah l. louis said...

beautiful pictures of a precious, precious boy!

Jenny said...

he is a charmer cassie! so precious! you got some great pictures of him, i am so impressed with your ambition and talent with the camera cassie!

Sarah and Eric said...

You take such beautiful pictures! Do you have a fancy flash? The pictures are always so light and bright. Probably doesn't hurt that you have precious models too!

Carla said...

I love him. And I love him crying in that basket! So cute!

Christy said...

So beautiful! Gosh, they all are! Love the pic of him on his tummy on your bed! :)