Monday, October 22, 2012


It is football season and that means Aggies on Saturday and Texans on Sunday! And you better believe it that Alex knows.

Bonus that both are teams are kicking booty this year!
Love that my kids can be heard humming the Aggie War Hymn while playing and Alex always says his "Aaaaaaaaaaaa Gig Em... Aggies" when "kicking off" while playing front yard football and Ellie prefers to walk her puppy Reveille

 this looks like we are playing football but it was actually just a total group picture fail

Travis went to College Station for work and got the kids new Aggie garb...I would say he did a great job! The kids were thrilled to wear their new clothes to school on Thursday- school spirit day. 
 Alex's shirt might look a little funny because he got himself dressed and I didn't notice in the rush that his white shirt is on backwards...also didn't know that it was really cold that day and that Ellie's spaghetti strap dress was way less than appropriate so I had to throw on a sweater at the last minute....super mom! 

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