Thursday, October 11, 2012

First Day of School

 The kids were so excited to start school this year! Alex is in Pre-K (4s) with Ms. Nancy, and Ellie is in the Twos with Ms. Dee. Ellie was extra excited since this was her first year to start going. She was always so jealous of Alex!

The kids were so excited they were acting like crazy kids and doing some kind of song and dance and driving Momma crazy...all the more reason to go! : ) And yes..we are always late! I am just not a morning person and neither are my kids. But it seems I can get up at 5:30 and still be late!! Lord help us next year when Alex goes to yikes! Not only do I not want to think about him being big enough for that but it also makes me tired. So I am treasuring this fun year of the kids going together 2 days a week from 9-2.  

 Ellie has really impressed me and wants to hold something as we walk in the big trek from the parking lot and she tends to walk the whole way (since Jacob is in the stroller). This is not like her at all. She is really growing up!
Alex insisted on a Star Wars backpack (well, only after I said there were no Power Ranger ones) and Ellie picked out Minnie Mouse. These things are cheap-o so we will see how long they last!

 All of Alex's dreams came true when he saw that Kinnick was in his class again! We were so glad that there were a lot of kids from his class last year. So nice. He barely said goodbye to me! Miles apart from years past! Yay!! He seems to really love his teacher and I love her too! She is so sweet and soft natured. Just what you would picture for a preschool teacher. She seems to have connected with Alex quickly and he listens well to her. The best is that she is completely understanding about his allergies. She has been so flexible and really works with me. Such a blessing! They do really cute and fun lessons and he is so good about telling me all about the day now.

 Ellie didn't seem to be nervous about school till right when I was leaving and saw me turn back to snap this shot. But the look of sadness only lasted a minute and she was so excited to get to play. The sensory table is her favorite! I was shocked that there wasn't a single tear. Each day got a little harder at drop off though. She was getting more and more tired and has had a harder time leaving mom. I know she likes it though because her teacher raves about how great she is and how cute she is and how well she participates. She takes a nap at school and actually sleeps! Not sure how long, because she is a bear most evenings after school, but at least she sleeps (unlike Alex at this age). I love when I go pick her up and she runs to my arms with teary eyes and gives the biggest hug shouting "Mommy"! Always warms my heart after a morning away. Oh, and she loves snack because she gets to have things that we don't eat at home because of Alex- aka goldfish. :) I also love that she is so proud of her artwork that she makes at school and loves to show it off- "me make that! at school!" We hang it up at home and she revisits the work often (sooo different from Alex who could care less about artwork).

 Guess who was the most excited about school starting!?! I love my Jakey time!

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