Monday, August 18, 2008

3 Months

Alex is now 3 months old! He is growing up so fast! He has changed so much over the last month and it has been so fun getting to see him learn new things and take in the world around him. I think he weighs about 14.5 lbs! Yes, he is a big boy!
Here are my top 10 things to remember for the month-

1. Alex loves meeting all new people, but seems to really favor girls/women. The picture says it all. Thanks Miss Julie for the funny onesies! I had no idea they would be so true! haha

2. His favorite time of day is in the morning. He is most happy and starts smiling almost immediately after waking up. Sometimes he even has a hard time eating because he is smiling!

3. He loves to smile now and even laughs the sweetest giggle at times- it will melt your heart for sure! Letting him stand up on his feet in your lap is a good way to get him to smile.

3. Alex is 3 months going on 3 years! He is a mover to say the least. Nobody is gonna hold him down! He is constantly wiggling and wants to be free! Dont worry, he will let you know if he doesn't want to be somewhere. He is so close to rolling over (but no cigar) and has learned how to "scoot" around inch worm style quite well. He works really hard! :)

4. He still has pretty bad reflux and we are still on medicine twice a day. He is good at taking it and sometimes I think he likes it ??! maybe he just likes the praise he gets! We still go through a lot of burp cloths everyday!

5. He is really "talking" now! He has found his voice is not afraid to use it! He makes sweet coo noises and some loud screamers. I think he is anxious to really talk! Yesterday he was making the sweetest conversation with the teddy bear hanging from his carrier in the car. This was a shocking first since he still HATES the car!

6. He still HATES the car! yet, we seemed to rise to the challenge and took him on two road trips this month! We have sworn that we will not be going anywhere else anytime soon. :)

7. He can't hold his head up for good yet- he can do it a long time but is not quite ready for things like the bumbo and exersaucer. He starts strong and wilts like a flower. He has noticed his toes due to this exercise and is very intrigued. So he really liked these sneaker socks! Aren't they the cutest!?! Thanks again Miss Julie for the precious socks! He's ready to run!

8. He only graced me with those two nights of full sleep, but is still doing pretty well with only one night feeding on most nights. I really can't complain.

9. Alex has unfortunatley found the TV and loves watching the olympics! :) Go USA! And we are actually up to watch in the middle of the night too! hehee

10. He does not take a pacifier well, eventhough we have tried and tried. He does love his fist and is remarkably able to put most of it in his mouth. I think he will find that thumb soon though!

As far as a mom update-
I have to say that I am so excited for myself- I got back in my pre-pregnancy clothes this month and it feels so good! Have I been working out, you way! Dieting? Psh, please. Its the no work-out work-out....breastfeeding! LOVE IT!! I didn't ever think I would say that those first few weeks!


Anonymous said...

Hey Cassie ~ I have really enjoyed keeping up with you and Alex through your blog! He is growing so much and looks so "grown-up" since I saw him last. Glad to hear you are doing good as well!
Crystal :)

Anonymous said...

Wow- Alex is getting so big! He's such a beautiful baby and we've enjoyed reading the blog and keeping up. We had a great time with the Seamans and thought of the Isaacson's often!
P & R