Thursday, August 21, 2008

To Grandmothers House We Went

Last weekend (I am playing catch up!) Alex and I hit the road and headed for San Antonio to stay with Nani and Papa Wes. I was nervous for the car ride, later to find out, for good reason. He did good and fell asleep pretty quick. He slept soundly to my cd of ocean waves (Thanks Christy!!) till about San Marcos. You might be saying to yourself "thats great!" but think again because that means we still have a ways to go! "Oh no, Oh no, Oh no" I say to myself. He was not happy and it got ugly fast! And I don't think he wanted to go to the outlet mall. I decided to try to pull over and get gas and comfort the child that was "dying" in the back seat. Seriously, you would have thought there was some major torture going on. I finally get to a gas station (of course there wasn't one close by). I decided to leave the car running since it was so hot and I just went and got in the back seat to get Alex out. Well I comforted the lil guy and he was all smiles almost immediately. Lil toot. When it came time to go ahead and pump the gas, I went for the door only to realize that the child safety lock was in effect and I was locked in. Great! Can I reach the button on the driver door from the back seat? Close, but nope! Oh my gosh, I cant believe this is happening to me. Picture this, a girl crawling over the carrier, between the front chairs, climbing onto the drivers chair to get out of the car. What a looser! haha!! It was pretty funny! I am just glad I didn't have to get someones attention to get me out! Oh, the memories with Alex.
Anyway, I got gas and told Alex to get excited because its back in the seat and on the road. He was not happy and screamed for the next 15 minutes. FINALLY, he fell back asleep and slept till we got to the house. I never thought San Antonio was that far until now. All I could think about was the ride home on Sunday. Dear Lord, please be with me!
We had a fabulous time visiting though! We got to see my good girlfriends and even baby Isabella. Playing with Nani and Papa Wes was so fun and they have so much to look at at their house. Papa Wes even babysat for me so I could go see Mama Mia with my Mom. (Great movie BTW! I love a good musical!) He had to do a diaper change "try out" before he was allowed to babysit and he passed! Good thing too because Alex gave him a "good one" that required an outfit change too! No easy task! :) Overall, it was a great time and we look forward to many more fun visits!! I am so thankful that he does so well at new places!
The drive home was not too bad. It got rough in the middle again but I just tried to push through the pain. :)
Home sweet sweet home. I will treasure the memories and pray for this stage to be over. Meanwhile, I might have to get some earplugs. :)


The Hendry Family said...

Love the car story...I can definitely relate but in the opposite way. When Brayden was a few months old I accidently locked him in the car. It was in Vegas but thank God it wasn't summer yet. The fire department had to come and attempt to get in my car but surprising they couldn't. Finally over an hour after I locked him in, the locksmith was there and got in to my screaming child. wasn't so funny back then, pretty scary actually. I thought I was going to go to jail for child neglect. The good news is that all these horrible things that happen to you now, turn into really really funny stories as the years go on. Love ya! Keep up the good work Mama!

Holly said...

I love it! I will never forget me and best friend were going out to a 'nice' dinner with the boys. Were we crazy or what!?! I think Zachary and Jack were like 3 mo. and 8 mo. Then one started screaming, which led to the other screaming, and I too was crawling over car seats to calm children, while my friend was driving no less!!! Love the memories and laughs!