Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Play Hard, Nap Hard

Alex had his first playgroup last week. He had so much fun and played so hard! He never stays up that long but he really liked watching the other moms and babies. He is actually the youngest and the only boy (well, the other boy didn't make it this time). Travis was sure to mention that there need to be other boys in the group to make sure Alex doesn't grow sissy or something- ha! Well, he was so tired at the end that he conked out! We had to get a picture it was so cute! He never sleeps like this! We were still both so tired that afternoon, we took real long naps! I don't take naps often, but that was a good one! It was so good for both of us to get out and have some fun!

Alex had so much fun in Emma's exersaucer that we decided to buy one this weekend. Alex loves it! He can just touch the bottom on his tippy toes. He doesn't touch or move the pieces really but he loves to just look at everything. I am excited to have a new toy/activity on the new rotation! It helps wear him out too!

Sunday we went to our community pool for the first time. It was so funny because normally there is no one there but when we drove up we realized that there were 2 parties going on. There was a birthday party for a 6 year old and a 7th grade back to school party (gotta love watching middle schoolers). We had made such an effort to get there, that there was no turning back! Turned out we just had our own party in the baby pool and we had a lot to watch. Alex LOVED it! He loves the water! And it wore him out!! He fell asleep when we got home and he barely got up to have his last feeding. We just might be frequenting the pool more often!

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Carla said...

What a cutie! I'm not sure who loves the exersaucer more, Mom or Baby!