Thursday, August 7, 2008

The Lion Sleeps Tonight...

Oooooowwweeeeee, oweeowumbuway!! haha! I just have to celebrate!!.... Alex slept all night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yahoo!!!!I feel like a million bucks! Even though I kept waking up confused :) and then I'd roll over and snooze without a problem!
He went down at about 9:15 and then woke up at 10 with a crazy yelping cry- we don't know, it was weird, ha. I got him back down quickly and then he slept till 7 am!!!
I am sure it was a crazy fluke, but it would be lovely to be graced with this again every once in a while.
Today we leave for our first overnight trip! We are headed off to Lake LBJ with the Isaacson family. I am very nervous about Alex and how he will handle it (3 nights away! yikes!), but I am looking forward to a getaway. :) Too bad I am packing the whole house for fear of any situation that might arise. Ha! No, I think I am doing good, but we will see if it all fits! We will surely be loaded down!
Maybe this night was Gods way of having me stock up on sleep before some rough nights??? lets hope not! :)
I am sure we will have a great time and I will be sure to post fun pics when we get back!
have a great weekend all!!

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