Monday, August 25, 2008

Back To School Blues

I am a little sad today thinking about all the teachers and kids out there going back to school. I always liked the first days of school (too bad there is much more to the package deal). The clean pretty room, new supplies, new kids, refreshed from the summer, and of course, the new clothes. :) This will be my first time in 22 years to NOT go to school! It feels a little strange. I know that Alex and I will have so much fun staying home together and I feel so blessed to have the opportunity. Don't we all wish that we could have it all!? Have your cake and eat it too! Well, Alex better get his pencil ready because Mom might have some teacher withdrawals!
Thank you to all of the HARDWORKING teachers out there! Have a fabulous year! May your room stay clean and organized, your kids be sweet, no one pees in their pants, and everyone gets on the right bus! :)


Ruth said...

Ok, I have an assignment for you so you won't feel left out. I desperately need to see a video of Alex. I don't care if he is just laying there spitting up, share a little of the sweet guy. Missing you guys here. Steve left for three days but Kathy came for a visit.
Love you three,

Sarah and Eric said...

I am sure that you won't miss the chaos that can be the first day! I can completely understand how weird it must feel, but I will start letting you know of the horrible things that you don't miss (tracking charts, DRAs, TPRIs) and I am sure that will make you realize just how lucky you are to be staying home with your baby! : )

jennymayb said...

Oh you are so sweet Cassie, to give everyone that teacher shout out! : ) Yes, getting on the right bus was pretty much all I thought about all day long, thanks for the well wishes! : )