Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Ga-ga for G.A.

When we got home from the lake a few weeks ago, we got to visit with Alex's Great Aunt Martha- "G.A."! She is a dedicated Team Isaacson fan and we are so glad! It was so fun to see her and Alex was a sweetheart! She came all the way from Oklahoma and was on a tour of Texas visiting family all around the state. My parents drove her up to see us, which was a good excuse for them to see Alex too! They were trying very hard to wait their turn to hold Alex! :) We also went to dinner at this cool place- Mongolian Grill- very fun! Pick out what veggies, meat, and seasoning you want and they cook it up for you. Mmmm!

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Brandy and Ryder said...

Girl, you are so funny! I know your next career...a writer! I love reading your posts. You make me laugh everytime. It was good to see you guys today and to get to finally meet that baby that was in your belly just 3 short months ago.