Wednesday, July 21, 2010

3 Months

You are an absolute sweetheart... you have started laughing sweet giggles that just melt my heart! You sleep through the night often (between 5 and 6, I guess that is morning for some, not my ideal, but Daddy is up so it makes it feel like morning). Every couple of nights you will wake up in the middle of the night and nurse and go right back to sleep. You love to sit up in my lap and watch the craziness in our house! Favorite place is probably the play mat and changing table. This is where you "talk" to us the most. You LOVE your bed and prefer to sleep in there... probably because you enjoy the peace and quiet. You are pretty good at going to sleep on your own now. Which is nice since I am always dealing with Alex. I pretty much throw you in bed, pop your pacifier in, pat your back a few times, make sure the room is set with sound machine on, and walk out. You have started liking your aquarium too and that helps with the times where you aren't quite ready to lay down. This really shows me how different babies can be on their own, because of personality, because I haven't done anything really different or to teach you to do this. I can't say it are such a good baby! I love you lil sister!!

hold her hand

okay mom, ready!
sweet dreams

Fun to compare....I dont think they look alike but this is one picture where they do

She is really good at talking and smiling with her pacifier in her a cigar (of course she is talking away and by the time I get the camera she is pretty much done)


Jenny said...

Yay! Lots of gorgeous close ups of that beauty! Even though I just saw her last weekend, I can't get enough! I had no idea how much they looked alike until I saw those pics side by side either! I love the close up of her looking into the camera so curiousely! I am so happy she is such a good sleeper for you Cassie! And that nursing is going so well, once again!

Kristen said...

wow!! she has gotten so big... she is beautiful. i'm so jealous of all that sleeping she is doing!

Paige Reynolds said...

haha... that video cracks me up! that is some nice control she has on that Nuk.. haha. I could watch that over and over. you are too cute, eliana!!

Solomon Clan said...

Happy 3 months Eliana! I love the pics of you and your brother. Too cute!

Rob and Leah said...

She is so precious! I love the onesie.