Friday, July 2, 2010

boat day

This was Alex's first time out on the boat. He wasn't so sure at first but I think he liked it overall. He kept his serious face on the whole time we were driving. His favorite part was swimming in the "pool" and jumping off the back of the boat. We got him a Puddle Jumper life jacket and it is wonderful!! I totally recommend it! He didn't mind wearing it and he can be in the water all by himself and stay a float. It will be great at the pool too!
This was our first time on Lake Austin (normally we do Lake Travis) and it was gorgeous! and a great lake to boat on! Its really close to get on from Travis' parents' house so it made it an easy little boat day. Thanks Honey for watching baby girl! Next year she can come too. Its kinda sad how many times we have used the boat since we've had kids. But Matt uses it all the time so at least someone gets some fun out of it! And we are so excited about the years to come when the kids can really enjoy it with us!

Grandpa Steve and the 360 bridge
thanks uncle matt for being our "tour guide" and taking care of the boat for us!
we love being with uncle papoo!


Solomon Clan said...

Those life jackets seem to be the hit of the summer. I am always seeing kids with them on. Glad you got to get out on the boat. Looks like it was a beautiful day!

Kristen said...

What a blast!! Isn't the puddle jumper great...Kenzie loves hers too.

Jenny said...

oh my gosh, you lucky ducks! zack and i are drooling over that 360 bridge shot! you are the people we would drive past and remark at what a great life that would be, to be able to boat in such a beautiful place!

Shelby said...

How fun.. I gotta get a puddle jumper!