Wednesday, July 14, 2010

alex says

I never posted that about a month ago Alex decided to call me Momma! It was so weird because he just started saying it on his own all of a sudden. We did read a book that was about babies and mommas- it repeats "Momma, do you love me?" and I guess it hit home with him and he decided to call me Momma that afternoon. No more Baba! It's actually a little sad.

he is really struggling with the "tr" in truck. his favorite things of all time. let's say that he says the word probably 40 times a day! and instead of truck it comes out with an f. I will leave it at that. we are working on it because it is quite embarrassing when he screams it across the room. no joke. good thing the pope isnt coming for dinner.

he has started to say sorry. its really sweet actually. I taught him to say it when he comes out of time out but he also says it now on his own for different reasons. Like the other day when I apologized to a man in target for being in the way with our cart. Alex told the man sorry right after I did. We are working on all his manners and he is getting the hang of please and thank you (peas and ank ou).

he says "Eliana, what doing?" in a sweet voice when he wants to play with her. I noticed that I tend to ask her that a lot too.

he says "bye bye! have fun!" when he pretends to go bye bye or he is trying to say that he is leaving without me because I am taking too long to pack up.

if you ask him where he is going (when he is playing pretend driving away on the car) he will most likely say HEB (he says it more like EEB)

he says "ee too! ee too!" when he wants to go with you "too" which is ALL the time! kid won't leave me alone for a minute! and he has a major meltdown if he doesn't get to come with you somewhere (taking the trash out or in the garage) He also likes to use the word "too" in sentences like "Dadda yard guy too" "Momma play cars too" "Eliana pool too" You get the idea

if you say something scared you (like Alex semi-choking on food for example), he does his hands out in front and makes a monster noise, because monsters are scary of course!

The other day he repeated me saying crap- big oops! I was on my way to visit our friends who just had a baby and I forgot the gift I made her! I did remember the dinner! :)

That trip was funny because I also got pulled over for speeding...another oops! I really didnt even realize it. 45 in a 35! ugh. Anyway, it went well. I got a warning thank the Lord! And the kids did great- Eliana slept through it and Alex sat quietly watching the construction near by. I was curious if he even had a clue what was going on. The next day I found him playing with his police car and the police man was standing by the window, "Michael" was driving, and he kept saying "ticket!" "too fast!" Ohh, he got it alright.

he is putting together little sentences more and more and it is so fun to hear him speak! he can really communicate with us and let us know how he is feeling. tonight at dinner he said "tummy hurt". And this morning he climbed the ladder at the park all by himself and telling daddy about it he says "up ladder...self!"

Here is some video I took the other day. it seems that every time I try to video Alex he doesnt want to cooperate and he always has food on his face. oh well. You also get to see some of how he is with Eliana. He's a stinker alright, but he is sweet. I think he is showing off for the camera a bit. And he can count better than that and knows his ABCs better too! He has known his animal sounds since forever it seems but I just couldn't think of what else to ask him. ... And you get to see some of miss beauty :) bonus! (her 3 month post is coming soon! I am a little late!)


Solomon Clan said...

I could not help but laugh at the way Alex says truck. Too funny!

Jenny said...

What a great post! I loved learning all of that about your smart and special little fella! Teehee, your truck story was too funny! Wish I could have heard it the other day! : ) Thanks for that great video at the end too, he is so darn charming!

Kristen said...

I love Alex interacting with is very similar to Kenzie with Dawson. I haven't seen him in so long I feel like I am missing all his development. Hopefully we will see you guys soon!!

rebekah l. louis said...

(somehow i just found this post)love the video! alex has such personality-- "dada truuuu-ble"-ha! and glad you got out of that ticket. whew.