Thursday, July 29, 2010

Happy Birthday Ray

We recently went to our friend Ray's First birthday party! It was out at his Grandparents lake house and just so much fun!
looking so cute in his lil icing beard

finally a good family picture

Jenny and Kristen were there too! (Jenny holding Eliana)
great friends

Alex loved the whale pool once he got it all to himselfdecorating his cupcake very carefully (only to refuse to eat it)

Paige was so sweet to make these safe for Alex to eat! They were delicious actually and I posted the recipe on my other blog.

throwing water balloons on the sidewalk! never had so much fun! :)
Daddy taking care of baby girl

okay, I must leave you with this....the most beautiful cake ever! and the most delicious!! Seriously!! Paige made it herself (she IS a fabulous baker and cook!) and she weighed out each layer making it perfect! I told her that she is hired for my next party!! :) Mmmm I want some more cake!
Happy First Birthday Ray!

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Paige Reynolds said...

Aww thanks, Cassie- we were so happy that yall could make it!