Wednesday, July 7, 2010

the fourth

First off, I am a lame mom and didn't get my kids cute red,white, and blue outfits...I know. Maybe next year!

We decided to hit up the local parade even though it was 200 degrees and festive! Alex had a great time and we got to hangout with the Hoyts!

The fire truck blew the siren right when Travis was trying to take a picture but took video by accident...and thats why its sideways too...but Alex's face is funny

We had the Isaacson's over for dinner and Leah and Scott were in town too! We were supposed to go see fireworks but they canceled them due to weather. It was so stupid because it turned out to be a great night!
But as we were going to bed that night there were fireworks going off in the 'hood that we could see from our back porch...Alex freaked out and decided he didn't like them. So, maybe it was a good thing we didn't get to see any. Alex ended up sleeping in our bed because he was so scared - it was like a war outside his window, I can't blame him. Maybe next year! :)

I was truly celebrating getting over my nasty bug that put me in bed for two days this week! God Bless America and Grandparents! :)

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Kristen said...

Local parades are the way to go! Too bad the fireworks were cancelled...I am sure Alex will love them next year!