Sunday, June 5, 2011

News Flash

I just want to have some things on record that have been big in the news!

The Wedding of Prince William and Miss Catherine the classic love story! It was truly amazing to watch the wedding and think about the history that was happening. As a side note- we were looking through People magazine at the wedding photos and telling Alex about the Princes and Princesses. Out of all the guys he pointed at a guy in an ice cream cone add and said that it looked like Daddy. And it kinda did. But Travis, you are a prince to me! :)

I must add that Osama Bin Laden was killed. What a relief.

there was the final Oprah Winfrey Show. You may be laughing but its a big deal. I love this woman and have watched her show since I was a teen. I think she is a true role model, inspiration, and wise wise woman. And I thought so in 6th grade too when I did a biography report on her. :)

and most importantly... Travis Isaacson received a Federal Highway Administration Award (this is national recognition) for his engineering work on Toll 130 (the project he has worked on for the last 3 years). Officially titled-2011 Excellence in Utility Relocation and Accommodation Awards Program. The ceremony took place at the Arc in St. Louis.

We could not be more proud of you babe! Way to go!!


Holly said...

Ah Trav, that is so cool! Congrats!

Shelby said...

Oh wow!! Congrats!

Rob and Leah said...

Yay! Congrats! Definitely big news!

Jenny said...

Congrats to Travis! Such a big deal!Thanks for sharing the pics! : ) 6th grade report on Oprah, teehee! I think mine was on Audrey Hepburn! Wow, Mr. Klingman, right??? :)

Andrea and Jason Farrell said...

Congratulations, Travis! That is so neat!