Thursday, June 16, 2011

he keeps me laughing

This is a list of thing Alex says that I have been adding to every once in a while.

he was crying and crying one day for no good reason. it got hysterical. he stopped after a while and said "why I crying again?"

he said "lets hurry to buy Finn McMissle before the other children buy them all!" We were in the parking lot pulling in. this was his prize for filling in a sticker chart.

new cars2 character Holly Shiftwell- toddler pronunciation "holly shitwell" (Really Disney?! You knew what you were doing?! )

Travis talking about the girls he saw walking around in Vegas. Travis says "I just kept thinking what is she wearing?!" Alex says "maybe she was wearing underwear pants!" and laughing hysterically!

he told me one night fighting bedtime " but I dont know how to close my eyes"
and often he will say " I can't. I don't have hands." when I ask him to do something bc he hears me say that I can't carry things because I dont have the hands for it. my hands are full.

he told honey (while we were gone on vacation) "dont be ridiculous. I want my prize!" (for earning a sticker on the sticker chart but it wasn't full).
He tends to tell me this too- "your ridiculous!" along with "I'm tired of this!" and "its not a choice" Of course none in correct context. but wow. didn't realize how much I said those phrases.

on the way to church Ellie was crying hysterically in the car seat (which is unheard of). Alex said "her being crazy!" and laughs really hard

"isn't Ellie a-dor-able?!" (took me a while to figure that BIG word out)

"mom, that cars movie surfboard sure is tool (cool). it sure is!" (it was a boogie board that the big boys at the pool had, love the way he says tool for cool)

"Ellie fall and I wins." (guess who learned about pushing to get ahead in the race)

"that was so nice of honey to come over. right momma?!"

"you go to the grocery store!" (his way of cussing at me when he is mad)

at HEB "there's the broccoli for the mommies and daddies!"

at the lake, Matt complaining about sleeping on the couch. we were discussing the other options of where he could sleep. "I know! why don't you sleep on the boat!? that's a great idea!"


Solomon Clan said...

Love those sayings. That is a good idea to write them down. It was great seeing you yesterday! Hopefully we can plan more stuff this summer.

Jenny said...

that boy is hilarious! what a cutie! and so smart! you keep these posts coming and keep the rest of us laughing alex! : ) so glad that you are documenting this cassie!

Kristen said...

these are awesome. alex needs his own twitter.

Kristen said...

Hilarious!!! Great idea to keep track of them. Kenzie told me to chill out today...they are too old!!

Rob and Leah said...

So cute. Glad you're writing those down!

Ashley said...

These are great! I'm going to have to do this for Tully too.

Spicy Magnolia said...

And I loved his, "I want my sister back," comment while I was holding Ellie tonight. :)

Andrea Farrell said...

So funny! I laughed out loud! Thanks for sharing.