Thursday, June 9, 2011

13 Months

Really, it is almost time for me to write the next month so this is way way late! Not sure if I remember much about that exact month and not things that she has done this month but I will try and be as accurate as I can. I will make up for it with my next one!

I know one thing....she has taken off! Walking everywhere! It was like one day she just decided she wanted to go! and off she went! Seriously, she went down the street and never looked back.

this is classic Ellie smile. love it. You can really picture the "Frankenstein" walk here. It doesn't look pretty but she can get where she wants to go.
You can often hear me say "where's Ellie?!" as I seem to loose her in the house all the time! She is a little explorer! I love it...its nice that we are out of the "attached to mommy's leg" phase.

You can kinda see the shoes in her hands- she picks up all our shoes and carries them around the house! Plus she is in my fav pjs ;)
We started weaning....didn't go so well. She wasn't really into soy milk as I had hoped. So here we are trying a straw cup (since we tried them all!) and it worked for a little while. She looks so big though right?!

What she really likes are Alex's cups! Its like forbidden fruit! I went and got her cute pink cups and she really liked Alex's boy, you do what you gotta do, and I let her. I even would have Alex drink a sip and then pretend like she was taking his. Here we are double fistin' it... with a ghetto one leg up and one leg down...thats how we roll. There may be milk in those cups, maybe gin and juice??She likes to "talk". Its more like "dat dat dat" aka. I want that! that! that!
so pretty and so cautious

This is my favorite stage...I love it! She is getting to be so independent, yet still like a baby just sweet and cute as a button!


Sarah and Eric said...

I can't tell you how stinkin cute she is Cassie! She is just such a little doll!

Kristen said...

I love this stage too!!! Can't wait to see her this week!

Jenny said...

She is so beautiful and so big and so independant! Wow! I love that someone so girlie and precious has a Frankenstein walk! Teehee! And the sippy cup preference makes so much sense! Guess I'll have to be okay with ben wanting girlie ones then, huh? Oh and congrats on the weening! It's official?