Wednesday, June 15, 2011

momma's car

A: where's momma's car?
me: we are in it. what do you mean?
A: no, the black and white one?
me: oh, our old car? well, when we got the new car, we left the other car at the car store. we did a trade. and this is our new car.
A: well, lets go get it.
me: we cant bubba. we had to say bye bye to it. we can't have it back.
A: Noooo. But momma, I LOVED that car!
me: I know. I loved it too. But I like our new car. Don't you?!
A: no. lets go get it back. I really liked the old car!
me: the new car has movies. the old car didn't have movies.
A: yeah. the new car has movies. the old car didnt have em.

this was after a month of having the new car.

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Kristen said...

sweet new ride!! it was great to see you guys today! it has been to long.