Monday, June 20, 2011

Florida or Bust

The weekend after Alex's birthday, Travis and I headed to Marco Island Florida for a little weekend getaway.
Top 10 things I learned

1. Marco Island is beautiful. A shell beach- covered in the coolest shells! Big and little! Hurts the feet but so fun to hunt!

2. If you are thinking of taking a "weening complete trip" be sure and actually complete weening. It is no fun to leave the beach to pump.

3. If your kids get a fever the week of your vacation, you will get it ON vacation. And its no fun to have a fever on the beach.

4. The upside of being sick on vacation- no kids to take care of. The downside- the airport and airplane are not places to cuddle up and sleep.

5. No matter what, I LOVE being with my husband. We have so much fun together! and I LOVED getting to talk with him and be with him and laugh with him.

6. Bridesmaids was a funny movie. Very funny.

7. The weekend was long enough to make me cry (when Alex says "I want you Momma" on the phone) and really miss my kids but oh so not long enough.

8. Apparently Marco Island is "Babymoon" central- I have never seen so many pregnant women at one resort!

9. A spray tan is awesome. Having to give your kids a bath with rubber gloves on that night so that you don't ruin it, but ruining it anyway (in weird spots)- not awesome. And then getting to the beach and you realize you have weird patches, not awesome. And thinking you were tan but realizing you still look pale, not awesome.

10. The day is sooo long when you sit around all day and do nothing! It is fantastic.

sunset dinner night #1

dinner and a movie night #2

Meanwhile, back at the ranch...
laughing at Ellie putting turkey on her head
helping make muffins
and I think Alex fell in love with Hockey all over again watching it with Grandpa Steve! and then playing it all day!

The kiddos could not have had more fun! and everyone survived!! :) Thank you for making this truly happen Honey and Grandpa Steve!

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Solomon Clan said...

Glad you got a little getaway! I like #5. it is so important to have couple time and to remember to have fun together.